This is a project I worked on at TopFunnel. Please note that what you see here is slightly different from the actual production version.


The TopFunnel web portal allows users (hiring managers, HR managers and recruiters) to view usage. Product Manager approached me to design a feature to share useful data for users.

The dashboard was the only feature currently used to display usage data. It was put together by a former founder, with one single bar (stacking) graph consist of reach out counts and response rates.

Understand the problem

With help from Account Managers, I was able to interview users on their experience interacting with the dashboard and also to learn more about how sourcing performance is measured. Two main user personas was considered. After observing usability test and interviews, we discovered the following:

HR Managers and Recruiting Managers were asked how they assess team member's performance. We were shown ATS UIs and spreadsheets for tracking KPIs. One user mentioned, she wonders how her team's results are comparable to similar companies.

There were many points identified, after reviewing the results with the Product Manager, we decided that users need benchmarking data to refine their sourcing strategy.

Two different ATS was tested to determine their offerings.

User persona
User personas accounted for was HR Manager and recruiters. Empathy interviews/maps was created to assess their needs.
Defining MVP

The problem was discussed at a product stand-up, and team members contributed their ideas. In the end, we’ve identified and shortlisted the following features:

Design & Testing
One of the first(older) pencil/paper wireframe of the graph view.

Figma mock was shown to users to generate feedback. Prototype (coded) was also created for user testing. Approximately 4 users participated.