I am a huge fan of Amazon, especially their easy purchasing process and fast shipping. I find what I need with their search bar, proceed to checkout and done. That being said, I do find it difficult to do anything else, aside from purchasing. So I decided to redesign Amazon.

Important Note

Since this is a personal project, many of the decisions were made based on my findings. In a real-life situation, a designer should invest MUCH MORE time to research and collaborate with different departments to understand the business and needs before tackling such a gigantic site like Amazon. Please take this redesign with a grain of salt.


Amazon’s mission statement is “to be the earth’s customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online”.

It is not difficult to understand why some people love Amazon, checkout is just 2 clicks, and the easy to use search bar at the top of the landing page really makes discovering quite inituitive. However, I was interested in learning more about pain points for this project, so I could determine if the website does have problems.

Understand the problem

I interviewed 2 users with semi-structured questions and asked them to perform tasks based on their answers. Here are some frustrations found:

Redesign Goals

While it became transparent that users experience frustration performing some functions that do not involve ‘purchasing or checking out’, due to timing, I decided to focus on the points above and limit the redesign to just the landing page.

  • Optimize and enhance customer service and return workflow
  • Design an approachable and intuitive landing page
  • User persona

    A survey was later shared (to the same users) asking which section of the landing page they are interested in. Only 'labels' was mentioned on the survey (ie. Deal of the day, AmazonBasic...etc). Department-specific recommendations are not part of the survey since results are catered to the user.

    Sections, where both users selected ‘no’, are highlighted in red.


    I brainstormed methods to make some non-purchasing functionality more intuitive. For accessing customer service, I created a click flow to learn about Amazon's process and complexity.

    5 clicks to reach CSR brainstorm on a whiteboard

    Additional research was done on what makes a good e-commerce website to determine which features to keep. I decided to keep most user personalizations. For example, the user’s name on the account link, product recommendation list, and a list of recently viewed items. The search bar, one of the most important feature, was kept untouched.

    Visit this link for Detailed Description of New Features

    paper wireframes

    A few iterations of paper wireframes were created. This was the last version, few minor changes was made prior to mock.

    mock used for testing
    changes made

    Due to timing, high-fidelity version of the header, and return/review functionality was created first to start generating user feedback. One user volunteered to provide feedback on the mock.